IT Support Service. Level I and II

IT Support Service. Level I

At the end of the training the tranee will be able to:

  • Connect Hardware Peripherals
  • Install Software Application
  • Record Client Support Requirements
  • Protect Application or System Software
  • Maintain Equipment and Software Inventory and Documentation
  • Operate Personal Computer
  • Apply Quality Standards
  • Work with Others
  • Receive and Respond to Workplace Communication
  • Demonstrate Work Values
  • Develop Understanding of Entrepreneurship
  • Apply 5S Procedures

IT Support Service. Level II

At the end of the training the tranee will be able to:

  • Operate Database Application
  • Update and Document Operational Procedures
  • Administrate Network and Hardware Peripherals
  • Care for Network and Computer Hardware
  • Access and Use Internet
  • Implement Maintenance Procedures
  • Maintain Equipment and Consumables
  • Apply Problem Solving Techniques to Routine Malfunction
  • Participate in Workplace Communication
  • Work in Team Environment
  • Develop Business Practice
  • Apply Continuous Improvement Processes (Kaizen)