Fashion Designing. Level IV

At the end of the training the tranee will be able to:

  • Plan and Organize Work
  • Analyze Contemporary Fashion Influences and Construction Techniques
  • Produce Fashion Illustrations and Presentations
  • Prepare Creative Design Concept for Garments
  • Use Electronic Fashion Design Tools
  • Prepare Trade Drawings for Fashion Design
  • Develop Product Specifications for Fashion Design
  • Construct Complex Blocks for Fashion Garments
  • Apply Design Studio Process
  • Develop and Perform Draping Techniques 
  • Cut and Sew Fabric for Prototype Designs
  • Sew Design Prototype
  • Calculate Cost Estimates for Fashion Products
  • Participate in Production Planning Processes
  • Assist in the Establishment of Quality Standards
  • Migrate to New Technology
  • Develop Individuals and Team
  • Utilize Specialized Communication Skills
  • Manage and Maintain Small/ Medium Business Operations
  • Manage Continuous Improvement System

Ethiopian fashion show, during the International Tenerife Fashion Fair 2019. Collection by Mary Help College designer and teacher at Zway. Haymanot Mamo