B.Sc. in Information Technology

The general objectives of the B.Sc. program in Information Technology are to provide a strong conceptual and practical understanding of information technology that will enable students to create, evaluate, adapt, and utilise appropriate technology, methods, theories, and techniques for solving real world problems. The programme also helps the students to develop critical and analytical thinking, as well as hands-on and interpersonal skills to become active professionals and contribute to the intellectual life of the society.

The specific objectives of the program are to:

  • equip students with problem-solving skills using computer technology;
  • enable students to understand the fast changing field of IT, be aware of technological trends and be able to use emerging opportunities;
  • develop in the students the concepts of professional practice, innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • develop the business, analytical and communication abilities of the students;
  • produce graduates who possess the right combination of knowledge, practical and communication skills to manage an organization’s technology and infrastructure needs and work effectively with the people in the organisation.
  • produce professionals able to be responsible for selecting hardware and software products appropriate for an organisation and integrating those products with the organisation’s infrastructure to meet its needs;
  • produce graduates who can install, customise and maintain applications for an organisation (such as network installation, network administration, Website design, development of multimedia resources, installation of communication components and oversight of an e-mail system) ;
  • produce professionals capable of working in organisations which implement and manage automated information systems for various scientific, educational, commercial and other purposes; and
  • produce graduates capable of planning and managing the technology lifecycle through which an organisation’s technology is maintained, upgraded and replaced.